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Fave 5!

{image credit: me}

I am still learning how to use my Aunt Anna’s¬† SLR camera, so I apologize for the recycled image again this week. It’s a mounted drawing I did last Christmas with charcoal (some pastel for the eye color). I hope you enjoy my blast from the past along with these links to check out in your spare time. I promise to have some new photos for next week!

  • This week, I learned to love the posts of Blacksburg Belle (via @clairebrewster)! This wonderful blog doesn’t overload me with tons of posts each day. Instead it offers quality reads that are all starred in my feed reader. Whoohoo!
  • Definitely printed me 2 sheets of these adorable and free holiday gift tags by Camilla Engman as seen on Creature Comforts. I heart anything cute and free!
  • If you don’t follow Pikaland, you should. And if you do follow Pikaland and missed this amazing video from Supakitch and Koralie – you’re crazy! Love the process of this piece and of course the finished product is breathtaking.
  • Thank you to Design*Sponge for sharing these tasty looking meringue tarts today! I have a soft spot for making dessert, and I think I may try making these lovely treats. Any excuse to use a torch!
  • It’s that time of year again – Comm Arts Illustration Competition. There’s still time to enter this competitive and rewarding contest. Deadline is January 7, 2011.

My Life Aquatic

I painted this for the final project in the Pikaland Bootcamp workshop. It depicts my life through swimming: past, present, and future. I had a lot of fun with this project and got a little quirky with the style. I even gave my future self a pink wetsuit! I have a few more touch ups to do before it is ready for sale, but I should be done this weekend.

paintingMy experience at the Pikaland Bookcamp has been great! If anyone is looking to interact with the online art community and wants to push themselves to make art daily, then I highly recommend signing up. Thank you to Amy and Jaime, and everyone in the course for sharing their comments and opinions.

My Life Aquatic (past, present, and future)

10″ x 20″

acrylic on canvas



7 days, 3 styles, 1 subject

This is another example of a project from the Pikaland Bootcamp I am enrolled in. The task was to let go and create 3 separate projects in one week using different media with the same composition. I think the goal was to find what we know and to loosen up our style.

Lately, the little lonely girl has been a recurring theme in my work. I don’t know where she came from exactly, but she seems to fit with what I am interested in lately: emotion. Not just sadness (although it seems the most obvious here) but to explore how to evoke a specific feeling from my work.

This is “tunnel girl” she is afraid and embarrassed to show herself to the world. She has been hurt before, and sits curled in her safe tunnel. This composition was done in ink, collage, and digital illustration.

ink drawing paper collage

photoshop illustration