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11″ x 14″
digital media

Learning to love painting with TEXTURE in Photoshop!

I spent the better part of last week creating and finding interesting textures to scan in. In this sleepy image, 3 textures were used: smooth paint, tissue paper, and paper towel!

Nestled will be available in my Etsy shop later this week 🙂

IF: “satellite”


Illustration Friday has been such an inspiration to me these past few weeks. Thanks for the warm ups! This week’s illustration is a charcoal drawing colored in Photoshop.  Lonely Girl and Fluffy Heart are orbiting the Earth, and they have a beautiful view.

mixed media
8″ x 8″

7 days, 3 styles, 1 subject

This is another example of a project from the Pikaland Bootcamp I am enrolled in. The task was to let go and create 3 separate projects in one week using different media with the same composition. I think the goal was to find what we know and to loosen up our style.

Lately, the little lonely girl has been a recurring theme in my work. I don’t know where she came from exactly, but she seems to fit with what I am interested in lately: emotion. Not just sadness (although it seems the most obvious here) but to explore how to evoke a specific feeling from my work.

This is “tunnel girl” she is afraid and embarrassed to show herself to the world. She has been hurt before, and sits curled in her safe tunnel. This composition was done in ink, collage, and digital illustration.

ink drawing paper collage

photoshop illustration

Illustrating with Photoshop

I’ll admit that if I am serious of making a career in the visual art field (especially illustration) then I should learn to embrace technology. I truly enjoy the experience of working with traditional media. (paint, pastel, charcoal, etc) Traditional media is tactile and gives more of a sense of control.


This is one of my first experiments using Photoshop to “paint” color onto a pencil sketch of the Arizona sunset. It started as a project for the Pikaland Bootcamp workshop. I actually have been enjoying this experience and look forward to achieving the same comfort with digital illustration that I have with traditional art making.

More images to come.