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IF: Mail

Waiting for the mail…
8″ x 5″
acrylic paint, digital

This time of year, I can’t help but sit by my mailbox waiting for the packages sent from my family to arrive. It does not snow where I live, I but I think it’s a little more romantic this way. (Another experiment of my combination of painted and digital elements. I plan to do an entire book in this type of style.)

Say Something Poster

This poster encourages young people to create their own credo to live by. Learning to identify their core values and belief systems early on will help teens make the right decisions on their own when no one else may be there to guide them.

I just finished my submission for the Say Something Poster competition. This is a charitable competition in which designers are tasked with creating posters that will be inspirational to at risk teens. After 3 round of judging 10 winning posters will be chosen for display at The Home for Little Wanderers. The first round of the competition requires voter participation. Please stop by the organization’s website to vote for my poster.


Thank you for your help!