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My Online Portfolio


After many hours of obsessing over HTML tags and CSS styles, I am happy to announce my very own portfolio site is up and running! Stop by today to see some of my favorite works displayed in one place.

This is a big step in my road to working on my own. I am very happy to share this site with friends family and potential clients.

IF: "atmosphere"

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is atmosphere. I like the open ended topic this week, and I thought this would be the perfect time to showcase my latest Lonely Girl painting. This is the fourth in the Lonely Girl series. Like the others, it was made on fairly inexpensive canvas paper and simply build up with transparent and opaque layers of acrylic, and outlined in ink.


acrylic and ink
7″ x 7.5″

Each painting is based on an anonymous little girl who is all by herself. My challenge with this series is to start playing with color and atmosphere. I limit my palette for the back ground to one general color theme. The girl is then colored to contrast  with the background to make her “pop” out.  I am really enjoying this series because I have already taught myself so much about how color can create mood. And how to break down the traditional preconceived notions we have about colors (i.e. red = anger). While these are often valid points, I want to push the emotions in my work by using bright color to convey a variety of concepts.

I hope you have enjoyed my work so far, and take a moment to head on over to my Facebook Page to see more Lonely Girl paintings and to join my bi-annual newsletter.

Thanks for stopping by!