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R.I.P. to the girl in the drawing

As some may already know, I’m busy this month working diligently on new illustrations for my upcoming exhibition in New York City at the Orchard Windows Gallery. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the basis for this show, and starting each new piece –

until last week I hit a block.

I’d been working on a beautiful drawing of a girl in profile for a couple of days. The inked girl looked beautiful – hair soft and flowing, lips perfectly plump. She was just the vision I had in my head, but she wasn’t quite complete. I wanted to add all sorts of color and life surrounding her like a field of flowers. I wanted to add an elegant and yet human touch to this simple black and white drawing. So I went for it…. it turned out horrible! I couldn’t believe it. I tried to save the girl in the drawing….I added more to cover up the bad…which as many know, only makes it worse. The damage was too great and I knew after 2 full days of work, I’d have to throw her away.

Perhaps you’ve been there too. You’ve worked so hard and furiously on a project and something went wrong. You’re too attached to give up yet, so you desperately try to “fix” the mistake – cover it up, accentuate it, ANYTHING that will keep you from having to say goodbye to the project you loved. But alas, sometimes we have to let go and learn from our mistake – journal about it, set it aside, try not to cry and start anew.


Back in the Habit

I’m Ba-ack! My ridiculously-awesome-road-trip-of-a-lifetime is finally over. I’m feeling rejuvenated and overwhelmed with inspiration – ready to take on the need segment in my life. Although I lost track of blogging about many of the destination cities we visited (*sorry*), I plan to recap some of the best highlights in the coming months.

For now, I’m back in Phoenix, AZ for the holidays and drawing like a fiend.

I had the honor of participating in a Etsy Seller event last week at the lovely West Elm store in Scottsdale. This event was coordinated by West Elm and Etsy to feature local handmade sellers in their store for the holidays. The event brought lots of new customers to my store and I was able to sell some of my original drawings.

New originals are being listed in my shop so stop in and check it out for look at my freshest drawings.


When Ideas Strike

I’m thinking a lot about ideas lately – and what we do with them when they pop into our brains.

  • write them down
  • take mental notes
  • stop and meditate
  • send them away because it’s already too crowded in there!

I’m planning a small 4 panel series on the evolution of an idea and how not all ideas are created equal.

To me, ideas feel like seeds that hit me upside the head when I least expect it! It’s hard to tell which direction they came from, and often times I forget them as easily as the strike. But once in a great while an idea will take root. It grows and eats at my free time – monopolizing my thoughts and actions.

Damn you idea!

Eventually, the idea stages a hostile take over and it’s sink or swim for me. I have but one choice: to follow through or perish. Needless to say, I’m still alive so – so far so good.

What’s the first thing you do when hit by an original idea?  ….and more importantly what do you do if it just won’t keep quiet?

Leave your answers in the thread below and/or add to my conversation on Twitter by using the tag #whenideasstrike

(Not already following me on Twitter? Join the fun! @ginahief)

Summer Fun Updates

Last month, I took off on a little hiatus to prepare for the busy months ahead.

Now I’m back, re-energized and re-organized!

1. Caught some serious waves in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA. Righteous! Body surfing, tanning, and enjoying the family are fabulous ways to spend the 4th of July!

2. Re-vamped the website! Take a look around and you will notice that the site looks a bit different since the last time I posted here. The site reflects some of the current themes I’m working on like feminine beauty, love, emotional narrative, and nature. I enjoy this work very much and will be making more of it for my upcoming exhibition in NYC this winter.

3. Installed my Keepsakes series in a local restaurant. I love seeing my work on display and I look forward to finding more venues for my drawings in the future. This exhibition is on display at Green Restaurant in Tempe, AZ through August 20th.

4. Relaxed once again by the sea one more time in beautiful Rhode Island.  Jake and I wined and dined on morning fresh seafood and stood in line for 45 minutes for Buttonwood Farms homemade ice cream. Yum! Needless to say we both returned to Phoenix a couple of pounds heavier.

That’s it for the updates today. Upcoming posts will leave the past behind and starting looking to the future.  Big things are brewing in my artwork and life. Stay tuned!



Are you afraid of the dark?

What are you scared of?

That’s a loaded question if I ever heard one! There are many answers that exist on different levels: superficial, internal, and universal

Superficial fears scare us in a very basic way. These are easy to define and often considered child-like. They don’t usually affect us or our way of life unless we are presented with them.

i.e monsters, the dark, snakes, Bigfoot, clowns

My superficial fear: BUGS! (Really anything with more than 4 legs gives me the heeby-jeebies!)

Internal fears are more personal and harder to define. They are the hidden reasons we do the things we do (or don’t do). Think of these as very specific to you and can change based on your current situation.

i.e. failure, success, rejection, heartbreak, responsibility

My internal fear: My work will be rejected. (This scares the crap out of me!)

Universal fears exist on a higher level altogether. They are broad and shared my millions. Almost instinctual in nature, universal fears make us feel completely out of control.

i.e. loneliness, poverty, hunger

My universal fear: Death.

Fear weaves it’s way into our lives in many ways, and it’s our responsibility to look it in the eye. Every one of my triumphs has risen from my ability to face my fear and meet the challenge. As an artist, my fear of rejection is shared by many others . The truth is – there’s no way around it in this business. Like being afraid of the dark, you will torture yourself with it every day (or night). Instead, let’s acknowledge this fear and put it somewhere on a high shelf…

…and then go about sending off another round of queries.