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IF: vocal

original illustration

5″ x 7″
mixed media collage

When I saw this week’s theme for Illustration Friday, I immediately started to think in word associations. Words like cords, song, siren, ocean, and music went through my head. I went with this funky graphic collage featuring a siren in the sea releasing her enchanting song. Thank you for stopping by.

IF: “reverse”

I was playing with my tablet tonight, and I decided to quickly sketch out something for this week’s Illustration Friday topic. It’s a rather loose interpretation for reverse, but I wanted to refrain from the overly obvious.

Does anyone have any helpful advice for using a drawing tablet?

This silly doodle is another simple sketch from my brand new Wacom Intuos 4. I absolutely love the tablet so far, and I am trying my hand at fun and simple exercises to help build some new hand-eye coordination.