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February – a “loverly” month

February is the shortest month of the year, and yet I am packing it with a hefty to-do list. After completing the first half of my Martha and Matilda commission in January, I am going to wrap up the rest of the commission this month. The second book is just as darling as the first about his lovely daughters at the circus. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Also listed, are some parts of my business that I need to focus on right now. Etsy can be a great source of income, and I am working to learn how to tap into the community. These first few sales will be tough, but important for building my reputation in that realm.

Numbers 4 and 5 are perhaps the most important for me this month. They are more personal, but serve as a reminder:  What good are my goals if I don’t stop to enjoy my life and what I am doing?

I am going to try to accomplish my business goals this month while simultaneously remembering to take a day off now and then. Sheesh!

Have you ever felt that your goals were taking over your life instead of helping you live your life the way you wanted to? Leave your response in the comments below – or write a whole post and link to it here. In February, we should learn to love ourselves.

December is here!

I’m all for the sparkly goodness of the Holiday Season, but I am honestly very sad that this year is almost over. Time flew by so fast this year that I don’t remember what exactly I did with it. Reflecting on last month’s goals, I would say that I made it about 50:50. The murals are tiring me out, and I think I may stop offering them altogether. I want to focus more on my personal illustration work through my shop and other freelance opportunities. It’s a tough decision, but I’m going with my gut on this one.

December is about shifting focus. I accepted the opportunity to illustrate a pair of children’s books by a valley resident. He based these stories on his family, and their silly adventures and now – is finally moving forward with his dream to self publish and distribute his work. Some of my preliminary sketches of the family are shown below. Another goal is to continue brainstorming a lovely blog idea I had awhile back. The dream is to great a unique place for all of the geeky art I love. Wish me luck because I’m definitely going to need it.

Finally, I’m making the commitment to completing another personal work. I haven’t decided what, but my sketchbook is starting to fill up with fresh ideas again. Tune in later to find out.

Getting ready for November

October has been a busy month for me in my creative career and personal life. I am pleased to see that some of my hard work is starting to pay off! The pre-sales for the Eskimo Christmas Greetings are stacking up, and I am excited to ship the pre-orders out Monday morning. The whole set is done, and I LOVE the way each card turned out!

Next month will be another busy one promoting my new little Christmas Eskimos and adding gift tags and free downloads like desktop wallpaper in the mix. I love taking these little chances with my art, and seeing others enjoy my creations is very fulfilling.

Also, I have some DIY projects lined up like this decorative double-duty dry erase bored and this simple lightbox to enhance the productivity in my studio. I have enjoyed keeping up with my Pika Peeps from past courses, and I am saving my change to participate in another workshop sometime next year!

November will be another busy month of mural painting because I now have 2 more small murals lined up. It’s funny how I was attempting to transition out of the murals to focus on illustration, but life has a funny way of choosing projects for you.

Stay Focused – “you’re doing great!”

For the past two months, I have been working my butt off! That’s right – I said “butt”. I realized that I have goals and aspirations that I have to try for. Writing books and creating the imagery for them has been a dream of mine for a long time. I remember creating a comic about a pig and a blonde zebra when I was younger and thinking, “yeah – I can do this.” I am glad that to be finally taking this chance for the first time since then, and I am very honored to be able to share the journey with my family as well as other artists.


I made a little more progress this week towards my short term goal of starting a shop. In order to start a shop, I have to have things to sell. I am going to start with a few prints and then see where that takes me. I just finished another Lonely Girl painting this weekend that will be a lovely part of my up coming (I promise – very soon!) collection.