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IF: vocal

original illustration

5″ x 7″
mixed media collage

When I saw this week’s theme for Illustration Friday, I immediately started to think in word associations. Words like cords, song, siren, ocean, and music went through my head. I went with this funky graphic collage featuring a siren in the sea releasing her enchanting song. Thank you for stopping by.

Here at last!

It’s almost time for me to hop on a plane and drag my latest artwork to the Big Apple. My solo show, The Idea, starts this Friday (January 20th) and I couldn’t be more nervous. My work is thankfully complete, but I can’t help feeling like there is still so much to do. Title cards must be made, artist statements must be written, and people must be invited. If you or someone you know is in New York City area, feel free to pass the word along.

For immediate release:

The Idea
An Art Exhibition by Gina Hief
Orchard Windows Gallery
January 20-26 2012

Opening Reception: Friday January 20th 6-9pm

In her New York debut exhibition entitled, “The Idea”, Arizona artist Gina Hief uses plant life as a metaphor for ideas. The exhibit is structured as a narrative series of mixed media drawings showcasing a progression of ideas from seedlings to entangled overgrown vines to towering trees. Some ideas are withered and dead….other ideas are flowering with opportunity.

Gina Hief creates whimsical illustrations using pen, paper, and found material. With a background in sculpture and painting, her artwork showcases an eclectic style and willingness to experiment. “The Idea” exhibit is the visual story of Gina’s internal experience with cultivating her own idea from dream to reality.

In the summer of 2011, Gina Hief had an impossible idea: Sell all of her possessions and live on the road while traveling the country. This idea should have wilted when placed in the brutal climate of reality, instead it flourished and – took root. The idea gnawed at the back of Gina’s mind each day. It grew and flowered with countless possibilities. Before long, the furniture was gone, the car was sold and the day job was wishing her “good luck” on her way out. There was no turning back. What started out as a whimsical idea grew into a monster that for good or bad will change the course of Gina’s life.

Gina received her BFA in Fine Art from Arizona State University in 2009. Since then she has exhibited in local galleries throughout Tempe and Scottsdale Arizona.

For gallery inquires please call 917-995-1001
email: windowgallery@gmx.com