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R.I.P. to the girl in the drawing

As some may already know, I’m busy this month working diligently on new illustrations for my upcoming exhibition in New York City at the Orchard Windows Gallery. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the basis for this show, and starting each new piece –

until last week I hit a block.

I’d been working on a beautiful drawing of a girl in profile for a couple of days. The inked girl looked beautiful – hair soft and flowing, lips perfectly plump. She was just the vision I had in my head, but she wasn’t quite complete. I wanted to add all sorts of color and life surrounding her like a field of flowers. I wanted to add an elegant and yet human touch to this simple black and white drawing. So I went for it…. it turned out horrible! I couldn’t believe it. I tried to save the girl in the drawing….I added more to cover up the bad…which as many know, only makes it worse. The damage was too great and I knew after 2 full days of work, I’d have to throw her away.

Perhaps you’ve been there too. You’ve worked so hard and furiously on a project and something went wrong. You’re too attached to give up yet, so you desperately try to “fix” the mistake – cover it up, accentuate it, ANYTHING that will keep you from having to say goodbye to the project you loved. But alas, sometimes we have to let go and learn from our mistake – journal about it, set it aside, try not to cry and start anew.


IF: “asleep”

Hi Illustration Friday peeps! It’s been awhile, and I am glad to be back. I completed this small keepsake collage earlier this week, and it goes perfectly with the IF theme. These little collage girls are a wee bit different from my usual silly sweet style and I love it! I feel so energized going in a new direction for a change. This sleeping beauty and more are available in my Etsy shop.

IF: “reverse”

I was playing with my tablet tonight, and I decided to quickly sketch out something for this week’s Illustration Friday topic. It’s a rather loose interpretation for reverse, but I wanted to refrain from the overly obvious.

Does anyone have any helpful advice for using a drawing tablet?

This silly doodle is another simple sketch from my brand new Wacom Intuos 4. I absolutely love the tablet so far, and I am trying my hand at fun and simple exercises to help build some new hand-eye coordination.


I’ve made art ever since I can remember, but I think this summer marked the official start of my art “career”. Before 2010 (even while in school), I always thought art would eventually fade into the background of my life. I let cynical comments like, “so what are you gonna do with that?” really get to me.

Now that I know that my artistic drive is not going anywhere, I am fully comfortable with telling folks that I want to make art for a living!

I just focus on making work everyday/week/month…whatever. I think my style has not fully formed, but it’s in there. somewhere. My goal now is to figure out a way to combine what I love about painting, and what I love about digitally coloring images. All of these silly mismatched drawings and paintings and digital creations will one day add up to some pretty awesome stuff. Trust me!