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“the floating sink”

Happy New Year!

In 2010, I made a few small changes in my way of thinking and acting that made a big impact on my life. I transformed from a dreamer into a doer.

Many of us are dreamers. We have big plans for ourselves – BIG PLANS! We say things like “one day I am going to…” and “when I have the money I will…”.

We have the best intentions and brightest ideas, but no follow through.

Doers make things happen. They don’t just dream, but they get off of their butt and do something about those dreams.

Last year at this time, I was still dreaming about how cool it would be if I could make money with my art and work for myself. But these were far off notions that were so fun to think about, but never really seemed attainable. I was the quintessential dreamer.

Sometime in May I discovered Illustration Friday and loved it. I used older paintings to fit in with the topics and eventually started making new work for the first time in almost a year. Through Illustration Friday I also discovered the Pikaland Bootcamps. They seemed like a perfect fit at the right time, so I decided to stop dreaming about illustration and just do it!

That was the best $140 I ever spent! The courses were fun and interactive, and I met a group of artists that are very inspirational (and some who I still follow today). I devoted my spare time to learning software applications like Photoshop and even invested in a nice printer and scanner. I started a shop, blogged regularly, and even designed a small line of Christmas greeting cards.

I haven’t quite been able to quit my day job just yet, but I can definitely see the possibility making itself clearer. The more I work and act on my ideas, the more real that my dreams become.

Anyone can do what I did and start making dreams come true. Take that step, and don’t let fear of failing deter your focus. Instead, keep looking forward and and you will reach your goal.

Thank you, 2010. Now I’m going to keep doing in 2011.