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Fave 5 of March!

A lot happened this month in my little art corner of the world. A lot was abuzz on the “interwebs” too.

This month heralds the coming of Spring and with that comes one of my favorite activities: Spring Cleaning! I do love the many trips to Goodwill and the impulsive rearranging of furniture.

Read and enjoy!

  • Crazy Sexy Diet was my bible this month! I truly believe that eating right and taking care of yourself is the secret to long life and true happiness. Go to the site Crazy Sexy Life for daily doses of inspiration and nutrition.
  • I loved coming back from my mini road trip to this adorable Little Miss Muffet post in my RSS. Rachel Anilyse is artist and contributor to one of my fave blogs – Pikaland!
  • Cookies are fabulous! Now, there’s even more to be excited about – rainbow sugar cookies (yum)! Get the skinny on this sinful recipe from Good Life Eats.
  • This post about beating creative burnout was just what I needed this month. Every artist experiences burnout now and then – you’re not alone.
  • If you’re a morning snoozer like me who envies those early risers who get so much done while we’re still dreaming – then you’ll love this! Goddess Leonie features this handy round up of inspirational morning routines that will make you want to set your alarm an hour early.