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Finally Finished

After an awful run with the stomach flu yesterday and this morning, I managed to feel better enough by this evening to put the finishing touches on the final 3 spreads for the book I have been illustrating. The author is self publishing this book and one more that I will be working on next. I will post the details about where it will be available as soon as possible.

December is here!

I’m all for the sparkly goodness of the Holiday Season, but I am honestly very sad that this year is almost over. Time flew by so fast this year that I don’t remember what exactly I did with it. Reflecting on last month’s goals, I would say that I made it about 50:50. The murals are tiring me out, and I think I may stop offering them altogether. I want to focus more on my personal illustration work through my shop and other freelance opportunities. It’s a tough decision, but I’m going with my gut on this one.

December is about shifting focus. I accepted the opportunity to illustrate a pair of children’s books by a valley resident. He based these stories on his family, and their silly adventures and now – is finally moving forward with his dream to self publish and distribute his work. Some of my preliminary sketches of the family are shown below. Another goal is to continue brainstorming a lovely blog idea I had awhile back. The dream is to great a unique place for all of the geeky art I love. Wish me luck because I’m definitely going to need it.

Finally, I’m making the commitment to completing another personal work. I haven’t decided what, but my sketchbook is starting to fill up with fresh ideas again. Tune in later to find out.