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It’s 2012!

Happy New Year! It’s 2012 and depending on how much you believe in the Mayan calendar mumbo jumbo, this may be the last…so make it a good one!

All this end of the world hype could be a blessing, really. It’s reminded me (and I hope some of you too) that life is precious. What would you do this year if it truly WAS your last year of life on Earth?

I’d laugh more and say YES more. I’d live life a little bit out of the “comfort zone” and take chances. I’d tell my friends and family that I love them and I’d give more than I receive.

Even if it’s not the last year and 2013 comes as scheduled, taking chances and laughing can’t be all that bad. 🙂

Illustrating with Photoshop

I’ll admit that if I am serious of making a career in the visual art field (especially illustration) then I should learn to embrace technology. I truly enjoy the experience of working with traditional media. (paint, pastel, charcoal, etc) Traditional media is tactile and gives more of a sense of control.


This is one of my first experiments using Photoshop to “paint” color onto a pencil sketch of the Arizona sunset. It started as a project for the Pikaland Bootcamp workshop. I actually have been enjoying this experience and look forward to achieving the same comfort with digital illustration that I have with traditional art making.

More images to come.