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Evolution of a Drawing

I like to think that my ideas POP into my brain each day fully formed and beautiful from the first sketch. Well, that’s a fantasy!

I have a confession to make: It take a few UGLY sketches before I even get close to a decent drawing. (good thing I love doodling) Sometimes I have an idea but have no IDEA where to begin. Instead, I start scribbling until something interesting takes shape – and it usually does.

The beautiful “Warrior Princess” didn’t start out so beautiful or warrior-like. In fact, she evolved from a rather pathetic scribble, Wanna see?:

Warrior Princess” is available in my Etsy shop.


Work and Play

This evening I set to working on a new painting. One of the lonely girls goes on an adventure dangling from a floating balloon. I first came up with this idea about a week ago, and let it settle in my brain. Usually, when I have muddled over an idea long enough and still like it, I sit down and crank it out. Tonight I did some rough sketches and even started blocking in the girl. So far, I am taking it slow with this one because I don’t want to screw it up. Some paintings are meant to be done “off the cuff” in one night, while others I prefer to spend a little more quality time with.

To help pass the time, I discovered the adorable work of Mel Stringer, an Australian based illustrator. In particular, I am digging the tiny felted creatures she sells on Etsy. As anyone knows I am a sucker for all things felted and teeny tiny! AH! Now back to work.

Always In Progress

Although I am starting to climb on board the digital art train, I still think of myself working with more traditional media. Below is a glimpse at how I approach a project.

1. Idea! I don’t like to wait for inspiration, so I am often online looking at images, reading about techniques and thinking up stories to translate into picture. For this project, I wanted to do another Lonely Girl piece. I have been doodling sad lonely girls for about a year now and this week felt like another time to bring her up.

2. Sketch/draw. I usually start drawing really bad childlike sketches and process through a couple of different layouts and ideas before it starts to look workable. These are two of the later sketches that were eventually traced.

Progress 1

3. Transfer to canvas/wood/ computer/paper etc. This week I am keeping my idea cost effective and traced my sketch onto some nice Strathmore canvas paper. Usually I start painting with acrylics to build think opaque layers. Instead, I inked the drawing right way in hopes to build up some more translucent paint layers.

4. Paint! I was too caught in the zone to remember to take any “in-progress” shots of the painting. I am a firm believer that all paintings/ drawings go through an ugly phase, and our job is to keep working through it to discover the beauty underneath. Or at least that’s what I say if I think a  painting doesn’t look right in the beginning. 🙂

Progress 3

5. Import. I don’t have a scanner, so I take careful digital images of my work and touch them up a bit in Photoshop. For this piece, it only took a couple of tweaks, but others have more digital components.


Window Tears
mixed media painting
9 1/2″ x 7 1/2″

That’s pretty much it! My studio space consists of a desk and a wall, so I rarely show it. I  juggle wet work and my computer stuff regularly, and I am counting down the days until I can have more space to “stretch”!