Jimmy, I love you!

My boyfriend, Jake, and I are on an epic road trip looking for adventure. To start this trip off with a bang we set out to attend a live taping of our favorite late night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  • Score that the show is in LA, just a mere 6 hour drive from our starting point.
  • Double score that tickets are FREE.

Upon setting out on the open road we were immediately struck by a good omen: Free donuts at QT while we filled up our gas tank! Holla! The donuts gods are on our side this trip…..let’s just hope that the calorie burning gods are generous too.

We arrived in the Hollywood mid-day and checked into our swanky 2 star hotel: Best Inn Hollywood. Actually for a 2 star hotel we were seriously impressed by the outdoor balcony seating, large well kept room, sheltered parking area, and a location walking distance from our studio destination.

The tickets for the show came with specific instructions…dress nice or you may not be permitted. Just to be safe, I followed dress code to the T – including wearing high heels. I know what you’re thinking – “Why on Earth would you wear high heels to walk around in Hollywood?” Later that night I asked my self the very same question….but on our way out the door, all I knew was that I looked HOT!

We ordered a drink at the Hard Rock Cafe across the street and were unexpectedly bombarded by a crowd of anxious preteen girls waiting to see Cody Simpson (apparently the Australian Justin Beiber). Fortunately for Jake, we couldn’t stay to see the teen sensation arrive – Jimmy was waiting for us.

We waited in line outside the studio for about 45 minutes. Jake and I were serenaded by a very large street performer free-styling to a beat using our names. Shortly after that sightly uncomfortable but totally awesome unofficial pre-show, we were frisked, x-rayed, and metal detected before being pushed into a tight lobby area in the studio. Eventually, we were seated by the head security guard named “Link”. He gave us two great seats so we opted not to make fun of his name until after the show.

After about a hour and a half of pre-show warm ups including “learning how to laugh” Jimmy Kimmel finally came out! YAY! He was great and a little hoarse from staying out late after the Emmy’s. The show flew by faster than we had hoped and before we knew it we were whisked away to the back of the studio to watch a mini concert put on by Switchfoot. They were fabulous and I was honestly more impressed by their performance than the show taping itself!

At this point in the night my feet were killing me! Why on Earth had I decided to wear heels again? Oh yeah – hot. We stopped at the Kodak Theater and had another drink at a little place called BoHo. The live music there was great too!

We hitched a taxi home because I just couldn’t walk any farther by the end of the night. A little sad really. We got back to the hotel and sank into bed. A perfect ending to a little Hollywood adventure. LA /Hollywood will always remind me of Jimmy Kimmel, great live music, and sore feet!

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