Handmade for the Holidays!

Hello all! So far, I have absolutely loved reading posts everyday from this year’s Crafty Holiday Blog Hop. This event gives us a special way to help support the handmade arts, and give gift this year with true meaning and value. If you missed yesterday’s fabulous post at Bridget and Lucy . Check it out!

Today, I am going to be highlighting some gift ideas I found on Etsy. Let’s cut to the chase – here they are!

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MEN: It can be tough to find gifts for men in the handmade category. I know that my boyfriend doesn’t put much stock into material things, and the few things he does pine over are usually expensive electronics. My solution – clothes. The guys I’ve known in the past have hated shopping for clothes so much that they will continue wearing old and beyond repair clothing for months or years to avoid the hassle. A simple clothing item like a graphic tee will be greatly appreciated in lieu of the dreaded trip to the mall. I could easily see my boyfriend in one of these smart tees.

  1. Respect Men’s Tee by Supastarr
  2. Ursa Major T-shirt by Black Bird Tees

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Acquaintances/Colleagues: Were you tricked into a gift exchange at work? Or perhaps you are looking for that simple gift for your beloved hairdresser, or your daughter’s 4th grade teacher. Calendars make smart simple gifts that can vary greatly in price to suit your budget. I hate to sound cheesy but these gifts truly keep on giving all year long. Here are a few of my favorite mini calendars.

  1. Mini Magnetic Calendar by Against the Grain Graphic
  2. Little Mo and Friends Pocket Calendar by Little Mo and Friends
  3. Stitched Micro – Eco Calendar by Nature’s Cubbyhole
  4. Desk Calendar by Aliette

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The Kids: Children are my absolute favorite to shop for! They get so excited over even the smallest things. I love the classic look of handmade toys and the one of a kind detail that goes into children’s handmade clothing. Here are some gift ideas I have been mulling over for my nieces and nephew.

  1. Organic Camera by Little Sapling Toys
  2. Tablecloth Play House by Cool Spaces For Kids
  3. Sock Monkey Hat by Madtown Topper
  4. Snow Day Dress by Broken Ghost Couture

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Alright folks! That’s all for this girl’s shopping list. Up tomorrow is Baby Jives, and to see a full schedule of Crafty Holiday Blog Hop participants, head on over to The Artists’ House.

Happy Shopping!


{all image credits belong to respective shop owners linked above}


20 thoughts on “Handmade for the Holidays!

  1. Angela Flicker

    Fabulous items!!! I am absolutely smitten over that tablecloth playhouse!!! I also loved the mini-calendars and the shirts for men. Man, oh man; I thought I was done with my holiday shopping and now I think I might go spend more money 😉

  2. Brandi

    Okay, I love every one of your picks!! And I agree – graphic tees are awesome for the guys and calendars are a fantastic gift idea for acquaintances!

  3. jahje aka baby jives

    Great finds and I totally agree on how to shop for men. Etsy is the best for finding that unique t-shirt my guy will actually wear.

  4. Kristen (kristenwalker.com)

    That organic camera is wonderful!!!!!! Love all the wooden toys that are available through Etsy. No kids over here, but my friends with kids say the wooden toys are the best. They are tired of the plastic junk that breaks and everything needing a battery.

    happy holidays!

  5. Gina Hief

    Thanks so much for the fun feedback! I am so happy that Etsy offers such an easy place for all things handmade online! The props should really go to the sellers though – they are all fabulous shops!

  6. Jody

    This is so lovely! Thank you kindly for including my Ursa tee here among all these festive finds 😉

  7. Gina Hief

    Thanks again to everyone for stopping by today. Don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s post in the Blog Hop from Baby Jives.


  8. Kristen

    super good finds!!! I love the stitched eco calendar and clicked over to the tablecloth tent site to see if there was anything for boys! My kids would LOVE that. very cool. thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. whatnomints

    So awesome! I totally agree about buying clothes for guys – They can be a little difficult to shop for and my boyfriend has been very happy with some tshirt purchases I made for him from Etsy 🙂

    That little wooden camera is also too cute! I wish I knew someone with a child because I would love to buy cute things like that for them 😛

  10. Gina Hief

    Hehe Thanks! I don’t have children of my own yet, so I love to spoil my nieces and nephew! I would start stockpiling toys early, but others might think I’m crazy 😀


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