Good Cop: Bad A** Cake

A big giant congratulations goes out to my step dad for finishing the Police Academy. He is now a Deputy for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. It was a a very long journey that took up all of his free time in between running a business and spending time with family. It’s no surprise that I was asked to make a Sheriff’s Deputy Cruiser for the graduation Celebration.


3 thoughts on “Good Cop: Bad A** Cake

  1. Tim

    How fun! Makes me wanna become a law enforcement professional to get a great cake too. Congrats to Officer Ron.

  2. Gina Hief

    Haha! Thanks guys! It’s been almost one year since I got addicted to Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes… It hasn’t had much affect on me at all! – *sarcastically* 😉


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