Eskimos make the best greetings!

Between babysitting, mural painting, and student advising, it’s a miracle that I’ve found scraps of time to work on my beloved Eskimo Christmas Collection. As many of you know, I am totally stoked about these illustrations, and I’m also happy to hear such positive feedback already. For this reason, I’m making the Eskimo Greeting cards available for pre-order today!

Special Offer: Pre-order your very own boxed set today and cards today for only $10.50 + S&H. That’s 25% off of the retail price, just for ordering now! Go to my website for more details:

Here’s the scoop on the greeting cards:

Sold in sets of 6 (one of each design)
Size: A2 w/ matching red envelopes
Each card is handmade by me with 3D pop-up’s
Each card is signed by me (sealing it’s handmade status!)
Retail value = $14.00 + S&H

All 6 designs are completely finished and pictured here. Official photos will be up this weekend and the set should be ready to launch on November 1st.

All pre-orders will accepted through October 31st and will ship on November 1st. All other orders will be available at retail price starting Tuesday November 2nd.

To pre-order your set for 25% off, go to my website and click the BUY NOW icon:

5 thoughts on “Eskimos make the best greetings!

  1. lori kennedy

    hi gina,the cards are great!!i just ordered a set.a suggestion would be to allow the customer to order more than 1 set. i coulnt seem to change the order from 1,i was going to order more:)cant wait to see the cards!!xolori

    1. Gina Hief

      Thanks Lori!

      I hadn’t thought that far through. Using the Paypal button is a little new for me. I will certainly be sure to edit the feature soon!

  2. Gina Hief

    Added the option to buy more than 1 set. I hadn’t realized the “Buy Now” button would limit amount. Now using the “Shopping Cart” feature.

    It works great!


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