Downtown Tempe

A lot has been going on behind the scenes of my life, and I wish I could share everything here today. What I can say is that I am super excited about my new digital camera! Ever since my trusty ole point-and-shoot died last year, there’s been a tiny hole in my life. I considered investing in a fancy DSLR camera and even borrowed my Aunt’s Nikon D70 for a bit. Personally, it was just too big for me to carry around, and little daunting in the way of manual controls.

I opted instead for an advanced point-and-shoot with the maximum manual settings but in a smaller package. Behold, the Nikon P300! I love this little guy – it fits right in my purse and feels natural to shoot with. I consider this a learning camera. I can adjust enough manual features to get a sense of what everything means and learn how to take more professional photos. Once I “graduate” from this one, I might be better prepared to enter the DSLR world.

For now, enjoy a few photos I snapped on my lunch break last Friday. Don’t let these carefree pictures fool you. While it looks nice out, it was a whopping 113F outside, and I was sweating like a dog by the end of the session. No pain, no gain, I suppose. 🙂

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