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How I lost 2,500 pounds!

Big news: Jake and I are packing up and leaving home for a 2 month road trip across the country – an uncertain and exciting adventure!

The trip starts one week from today and life is starting to get more than a little hectic. Jake and I are leaving our jobs, giving up our apartment, and hitting the road with only the bare necessities. The best part is we’re losing weight like crazy! Not the we-eat-too-many-donuts kind of weight, but the we-don’t-want-to pay-for-a-storage-unit kind.

We’re hawking our wares on Craigslist and building up a nice amount of petty cash for the trip. Our motto this week is “if you can come pick it up, it’s yours….for a low low price”.

I’m actually surprised at my emotional attachment to some of our seemingly insignificant items – like a shabby chic, inexpensive accent table I bought a while back. It was perfect for displaying our bamboo plant, but alas….the table didn’t make the cut. I sold it for $10 and my heart went pitter-pat watching it leave. 🙁

Yet, when selling a large, expensive piece of furniture like my dresser, the sentiment is quite different. “Good riddance!”

Perhaps the most emotional sale is that of my car, “Henrietta”, my trusty sidekick for 5 years. Reliable and good on gas, this little Nissan Sentra is a great car. I decided to sell it for 2 main reasons:

  1. I’d like to live for a period of time sans car. I never really liked driving all that much, I always get the feeling I could be doing something better with the 30 minutes on my way to work every morning (i.e. reading a book on the train or getting some exercise on a bike – actually almost anything is more meaningful than sitting in traffic listening to the morning show’s celebrity gossip.)
  2. I still owe some money on the car, so going with out one for at least a year doesn’t make sense if you’re still paying for it every month!

The car itself, was never actually put up for sale. I made a hasty Facebook album of pictures one night to let my friends know to spread the word. The next morning, I already had a serious buyer….and he bought it. We never even got a For Sale sign! I couldn’t believe how easy it was! ….and how fast. Just like that my precious car belonged to someone else. It was a bittersweet moment.

Throughout the process, I’ve learned this kind of spiritual cleansing is necessary. I never realized how attached I was to my physical possessions. In fact, it’s was bordering the unhealthy. Downsizing taught me to pick out what I truly value and throw away the rest. It’s tough, but the light-as-a feather feeling you get after purging many of your possessions is well worth it!

This road trip is already teaching Jake and I some valuable lessons, and we haven’t even set out yet – like how to let go of material possessions, how to deal with other people and money, and how to say goodbye to the familiar.

Our future is uncertain, anything can and will happen.