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I’ve made art ever since I can remember, but I think this summer marked the official start of my art “career”. Before 2010 (even while in school), I always thought art would eventually fade into the background of my life. I let cynical comments like, “so what are you gonna do with that?” really get to me.

Now that I know that my artistic drive is not going anywhere, I am fully comfortable with telling folks that I want to make art for a living!

I just focus on making work everyday/week/month…whatever. I think my style has not fully formed, but it’s in there. somewhere. My goal now is to figure out a way to combine what I love about painting, and what I love about digitally coloring images. All of these silly mismatched drawings and paintings and digital creations will one day add up to some pretty awesome stuff. Trust me!


Getting ready for November

October has been a busy month for me in my creative career and personal life. I am pleased to see that some of my hard work is starting to pay off! The pre-sales for the Eskimo Christmas Greetings are stacking up, and I am excited to ship the pre-orders out Monday morning. The whole set is done, and I LOVE the way each card turned out!

Next month will be another busy one promoting my new little Christmas Eskimos and adding gift tags and free downloads like desktop wallpaper in the mix. I love taking these little chances with my art, and seeing others enjoy my creations is very fulfilling.

Also, I have some DIY projects lined up like this decorative double-duty dry erase bored and this simple lightbox to enhance the productivity in my studio. I have enjoyed keeping up with my Pika Peeps from past courses, and I am saving my change to participate in another workshop sometime next year!

November will be another busy month of mural painting because I now have 2 more small murals lined up. It’s funny how I was attempting to transition out of the murals to focus on illustration, but life has a funny way of choosing projects for you.

Business Card Love!

Just got my business cards in today and I am so happy with the results! I went with the smaller 2″ x 2″ square style to set them apart from the traditional style. I went through UPrinting and they did an excellent job for a decent price. I was able to track the order the whole time too so I always knew the phase of production and shipping.I definitely recommend.  🙂

My Online Portfolio

After many hours of obsessing over HTML tags and CSS styles, I am happy to announce my very own portfolio site is up and running! Stop by today to see some of my favorite works displayed in one place.

This is a big step in my road to working on my own. I am very happy to share this site with friends family and potential clients.

Weekend Update

Well, the weekend is coming to a close, and I am happy to be where I am!

First, I was featured in nice Etsy treasury today. It was called Etsy’s Freshmen [POUNCE!] and it was an honor to see one of my prints featured. Click the image to view the entire treasury.


Also, I sold my first print on Etsy! I will admit that the buyer is a friend of mine from across the country, but I am just as proud of my first dollar as ever! It marks the official start to a new and exciting part of my journey. I plan to reinvest every penny right now back into my  business. Having the means to special order some fun and interesting merchandise is a very rewarding feeling and I am excited at the possibilities of what other custom creations I could sell. (If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them!)


Zoe and the Birds
acrylic and ink
6.5″ x 10.5″

Finally, I finished a new painting last night that I am so jazzed about! My goal each week is to finish a new illustration, and so far, I have done a great job at keeping that goal. (*giving myself a pat on the back*). So all in all, this weekend brought a smile to my face. A big THANKS to everyone who is supporting my new journey, and I hope you enjoy seeing the positive results as much as I do!