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Fave 5!

{image credit Arizona State University}

This weekend is the Tempe Festival of the Arts! Downtown Tempe is closed all along Mill Ave – perfect time and place for me to do some Christmas shopping on my lunch break. I love strolling through craft fairs because every booth is so unique. It feels like real life Etsy! Need I say more…

Here are some of my faves from this week.

  1. I am loving the darling Etsy shop of Woodland Belle {featured on Paper’n’Stitch earlier this week} Mai’s metalsmithing is full of rich detail.
  2. I discovered the work of Chris Turnham last week on Lines and Colors, and was enchanted by his graphic style and use of color. Superb!
  3. The Say Something Poster Project is a charitable design competition that tasks designers with making inspirational work. After 3 rounds of voting 10 winners will see their inspirational posters on display at the Home of Little Wanderers in Boston. Some great design work featured…ahem…mine included.
  4. Lucille. This animation by Melbourne artist, Tali Gal-on, will brighten up your weekend for sure! I can relate to the feeling of this poor girl in a “guitar shop”.
  5. Be inspired by the art of Mateo Dineen. This Berlin based painter from California paints masterpieces on found objects from the street. I am kind of a sucker for this style.

Fave 5!

{image credit: me}

I know. I know.  This past week has been busy, and I’m a couple days late on the Fave 5. Thanksgiving is over, and now there is no excuse to deny that it’s the Holidays! Here are some of my favorite links form here and there.

  1. Can tiny things get any cooler? I think they just did with the World’s Smallest Postal Service. Send your loved ones a teeny tiny gift this holiday season!
  2. I think this DIY decorated chalkboard from Creature Comforts is tops. Great idea for framing school photos of the kids (not that I have any…).
  3. This weeks Illustration Friday topic is savour. Check out the wonderful submissions pouring. I plan on submitting an illustration this week as well.
  4. I am totally digging the wooden designs of Pepper Sprouts – Deer in the Forrest is my personal favorite.
  5. For a new tasty side dish idea head over to Oh Joy! to try her latest creation – A Farmer’s Autumn. This steamy dish incorporates butternut squash, edamame, garlic, and goat cheese – and it sounds delicious!

Fave 5!

  • Just discovered The Girls With Glasses Show {via oh Joy!}. They make me wanna wear stylish glasses too!
  • I love love love this DIY pallet coffee table just posted to Paper’n’Stitch. I doubt I have the time to do it, but it is a very neat idea.
  • Lately, I have tried to participate in Illustration Friday each week. This week’s topic is “burning” – check it out today to see some hot illustrations.
  • A Place for Twiggs is hosting a Blogging and Popularity series every day this week. The author, Claudia Casal, interviews some successful bloggers to learn their secrets! Very interesting indeed!
  • I love that Jen of jaillustration shared this animation via Facebook last week. A cute short by Joe Berger. I couldn’t resist linking to it myself!

Fave 5!

Ah! Post Halloween, this week feels a little dull after such a fun weekend. But lots of fun things are happening in the blog and art world! Here’s another Fave 5!

  • I love this process video by Scott Bakal painting the cover for SF Magazine.
  • Gifted Magazine over at Creature Comforts is buzzing this week. But I especially loved the Making of Gifted post by Ez.
  • Discovered the adorable Mochimochiland this week. Can these tiny knits get any cuter? 😀 Thanks for mentioning it on FB, Jessica!
  • I always intend to try Design Sponge’s DIY projects, but never find the time. I am feeling some follow through with these simple and sweet vintage tin candles.
  • Stop by Lorgie & Me on Etsy and fall in love with these gorgeous handmade refillable notebooks.

Hampa Studio

I think I really have a soft spot for animation. As an artist, I know the love and care that goes into every image I make – so animation has my full respect for creating so many beautiful images that add up to only a few moments in time.

(image credit Hampa Studio)

I saw this short film animation a couple weeks back on Lines and Colors. Spanish animation group, Hampa Studio uses traditional animation techniques and a mystical soundtrack to portray this poetic story. I couldn’t resist sharing it!

Based on the narrative poem by Ruben Dario, Margarita is about a young princess who sets out to catch a star. An adorable an beautifully rendered tale. Definitely worth 12 minutes of your time.


Also, a nicely subtitled “Making of” video here.