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Fave 5 of April

2 Peas in a Pod

Happy Royal Wedding day!

Alas another month gone by so fast this year. In April, I got out of the “post-book” slump and started making art again. I suppose sketches and doodles still count, but it’s my latest works that were “post-able” that I am really jazzed about.

Without further ado, here’s my Fave 5 links of April 2011:

  • I am totally digging Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure app for the iPad. It’s a smart blend of learning, interactivity, and illustration.
  • I’ve got to find the time to make these adorable DIY tiny polaroid magnets. The materials are simple and affordable, and the result is so fun!
  • Of course the Fave 5 is not complete without a wonderful animation to showcase! This month it’s the Night of All Fears. Enjoy!
  • Megan Auman of Crafting an MBA shares her 4 most influential business books. A very inspiring list.
  • These Instant Comfort pocket boxes are some imaginative that I wish I had thought of the idea. Little worlds and encouraging words in tiny pocket sized boxes. Simply fantastic!!

Fave 5 of March!

A lot happened this month in my little art corner of the world. A lot was abuzz on the “interwebs” too.

This month heralds the coming of Spring and with that comes one of my favorite activities: Spring Cleaning! I do love the many trips to Goodwill and the impulsive rearranging of furniture.

Read and enjoy!

  • Crazy Sexy Diet was my bible this month! I truly believe that eating right and taking care of yourself is the secret to long life and true happiness. Go to the site Crazy Sexy Life for daily doses of inspiration and nutrition.
  • I loved coming back from my mini road trip to this adorable Little Miss Muffet post in my RSS. Rachel Anilyse is artist and contributor to one of my fave blogs – Pikaland!
  • Cookies are fabulous! Now, there’s even more to be excited about – rainbow sugar cookies (yum)! Get the skinny on this sinful recipe from Good Life Eats.
  • This post about beating creative burnout was just what I needed this month. Every artist experiences burnout now and then – you’re not alone.
  • If you’re a morning snoozer like me who envies those early risers who get so much done while we’re still dreaming – then you’ll love this! Goddess Leonie features this handy round up of inspirational morning routines that will make you want to set your alarm an hour early.

Fave 5 of February

Whew! I can’t believe February is already almost over, and I am almost done with the second and final part of the commission that has been eating a lot of free time. It’s going to be awesome!

I did have some time this month to catch up on some serious blog reading and compiled my brief but fabulous list of favorite posts!

  • Illustration Friday featured the whimsical work of Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli. She is a talented illustrator and totally worth a few minutes of your time 🙂
  • I’m still loving this short animation featured on Lines and Colors this month: The Lighthouse Keeper!
  • A grown-up spin on mac ‘n’ cheese: shells, fontina, spinach, and bacon! This recipe featured on Mint is sooooo good. I made it last week and melted with satisfaction.
  • In love with these decorated chandeliers from the Stockholm Design Fair. Design*Sponge never lets me down.
  • Finally, a link to more links from Crafting an MBA. I especially loved the last one with tips for improving your written communication.


Fave 5 of January!

(Family Portrait)

For those of you who liked browsing through some of my favorite finds each week – never fear! The Fave 5 posts aren’t going anywhere. However, they are transitioning into a monthly post.

the best of the best!

Between my illustration work and my full time job, finding new and interesting links was becoming a bit of a chore. So instead of posting each week just for the sake of it, I decided to try a monthly approach. The result has been great! I kept tabs of some of my favorite blog posts, podcasts, and other artists throughout the month and now I have narrowed down the list to 5 great links to check out. So without further ado, here they are!

  • I still can’t get over how hilariously true this flowchart is by Jessica Hische!  “Should I Work for Free” is a question we ourselves early in our careers. This is a no nonsense guide to finding out the ever evolving answer.
  • Tara Gentile has done it again! – written a straight forward helpful post that I will reference a few more times before I’m done with it. She lists her preferred “Tools of the Trade” – everything from social networking helpers to mailing list programs.
  • I am not a design blogger, but this charming forest wedding featured on The Storque this month had me swooning in the aisles. Thanks to the rustic-chic design and handmade details, I returned to day-dreaming of wedding ideas as if I were a little girl again.
  • Briefly mentioned on Pikaland this week for his Spirit Animal sculptures, Julian Callos has a wealth of beautifully illustrated work as well! If you did not get a chance to peruse through his portfolio, take a moment to sit back and enjoy.
  • Finally, a couple of meaningful quotes by Dave Eggers as featured on the blog of Kerri Smith. (Ok – this was from Dec 30th, but it has haunted me all month long!)

Fave 5!

{image credit: me}

I am still learning how to use my Aunt Anna’s  SLR camera, so I apologize for the recycled image again this week. It’s a mounted drawing I did last Christmas with charcoal (some pastel for the eye color). I hope you enjoy my blast from the past along with these links to check out in your spare time. I promise to have some new photos for next week!

  • This week, I learned to love the posts of Blacksburg Belle (via @clairebrewster)! This wonderful blog doesn’t overload me with tons of posts each day. Instead it offers quality reads that are all starred in my feed reader. Whoohoo!
  • Definitely printed me 2 sheets of these adorable and free holiday gift tags by Camilla Engman as seen on Creature Comforts. I heart anything cute and free!
  • If you don’t follow Pikaland, you should. And if you do follow Pikaland and missed this amazing video from Supakitch and Koralie – you’re crazy! Love the process of this piece and of course the finished product is breathtaking.
  • Thank you to Design*Sponge for sharing these tasty looking meringue tarts today! I have a soft spot for making dessert, and I think I may try making these lovely treats. Any excuse to use a torch!
  • It’s that time of year again – Comm Arts Illustration Competition. There’s still time to enter this competitive and rewarding contest. Deadline is January 7, 2011.