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It’s 2012!

Happy New Year! It’s 2012 and depending on how much you believe in the Mayan calendar mumbo jumbo, this may be the last…so make it a good one!

All this end of the world hype could be a blessing, really. It’s reminded me (and I hope some of you too) that life is precious. What would you do this year if it truly WAS your last year of life on Earth?

I’d laugh more and say YES more. I’d live life a little bit out of the “comfort zone” and take chances. I’d tell my friends and family that I love them and I’d give more than I receive.

Even if it’s not the last year and 2013 comes as scheduled, taking chances and laughing can’t be all that bad. 🙂

Downtown Tempe

A lot has been going on behind the scenes of my life, and I wish I could share everything here today. What I can say is that I am super excited about my new digital camera! Ever since my trusty ole point-and-shoot died last year, there’s been a tiny hole in my life. I considered investing in a fancy DSLR camera and even borrowed my Aunt’s Nikon D70 for a bit. Personally, it was just too big for me to carry around, and little daunting in the way of manual controls.

I opted instead for an advanced point-and-shoot with the maximum manual settings but in a smaller package. Behold, the Nikon P300! I love this little guy – it fits right in my purse and feels natural to shoot with. I consider this a learning camera. I can adjust enough manual features to get a sense of what everything means and learn how to take more professional photos. Once I “graduate” from this one, I might be better prepared to enter the DSLR world.

For now, enjoy a few photos I snapped on my lunch break last Friday. Don’t let these carefree pictures fool you. While it looks nice out, it was a whopping 113F outside, and I was sweating like a dog by the end of the session. No pain, no gain, I suppose. 🙂

Small Gestures

Everyone one of my friends “likes” my art…or so they say. I get comments like “you should do children’s books” or “you should be a famous artist” (ha!) or (my personal favorite) “I know a lot of people who would love to buy your art, I’ll tell them all about you“. These compliments are a nice ego boost after a bad day, but they are usually empty praises – nothing more.

My mantra: Friends may like your work, but not many like it enough to talk it up when you aren’t around.

(I know that I’m starting off a bit negative here, but I assure you this is a very positive post. Just bear with me a moment more. )

On Friday, a friend and I were discussing my work when the subject of my “Eskimo Christmas” cards from last year came up. “Those cards are awesome” she said, “you should seriously consider submitting the idea to some big card companies this year.” I was the “Negative Nancy” of the conversation and explained how hard it is to get noticed, and how I think it’s too late to submit anything for this season, etc. etc. excuses, excuses, blah – blah – blah……

While I was droning on and on, my friend was busy surfing the web for some ideas. “I just emailed Hallmark about you” she said. What?! – I was so surprised!! Then she read the note to me out loud – those few sweet sentences really made my day! I was shocked that after our conversation she would actually take a moment to research some answers for me (I felt a little sheepish too – research is my job right?).  I’m speaking of course of my friend and co-worker, Rose Brabant. She has been a supporter of my work since day one. I was so truly and deeply touched by her simple gesture that I changed in my attitude in a big way.

Hallmark replied right away. Apparently they don’t usually take submissions and prefer to do most of their work in-house. Oh well – I still feel great that I have some amazing people in my corner…even if I do sometimes forget it.

Thanks to Rose, and to all my friends and family for supporting my work! I promise to never take you for granted again!

Rose paints bright whimsical expressionist paintings that have a sense of movement and spirituality! Today is her birthday, Happy Birthday, Rose! (shown right)